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Pirchei Shoshanim in conjunction with Rabbi Shalom Gold has developed a unique and entertaining program to teach the very young to the very not so Young the Aleph Bais sweetly and easily. Within a relatively short amount of time one should be able to start reading the Aleph Bais and then be well on the ROAD to reading Hebrew. Using the ABC'S, animation, pneumonics and song the bridge to learning the Hebrew Language is now open to all.

This 3 CD Rom set contains 2 CD videos and 1 audio video. CD and Video #1 will give you the skills to read the letters of the Hebrew alphabet and the vowels, teaching you how to join vowels and letters and form words. Included is the delightful Aleph Bais Song to help you review and learn quickly and pleasantly the basis of the Hebrew language. CD and Video #2 is a unique and exciting presentation of the Hebrew verb patterns, which are the essence of the Hebrew language. The 3 rd audio CD contains Rabbi Gold's Aleph Bais Song, as well as a 50 minute overview of the entire Hebrew language. There is a bonus presentation of how to read the Shema Yisrael according to the customs of the Ashkenazim, Sephardim, Yemenite and an Authentic version according to our Sages. This last version was the result of research of HaRav Ben-Zion HaCohen which is based on his book "Sefath Emeth". The chanting was contributed by HaRav David Bar-Chaim.

Each of the 3 C.D.'s has corresponding written files which you will download from C.D. disk no. 1. You will then read them when playing the 2 Videos as well as when you listen to the audio C.D. which can be played on an M.P. 3 player or in your car C.D. Rom player. The Video C.D. Rom disks 1 and 2 can only be accessed via computer. There is an instruction sheet for accessing the written files on the reverse inside flap of this C.D. package.

Rabbi Gold speaks and relates to all. His magnanimous personality is mesmerizing, and his natural teaching ability, makes a tedious process simple, yet challenging.

Anyone, regardless of their background, can learn Hebrew and as an additional bonus, Rabbi Gold will take you on exciting tours of the Western Wall Tunnels, the City of David as well as the Temple Institute to see true to size vessels used in the first and second Temples.

Once one has mastered the Aleph Bais they are ready to learn in depth Hebrew with our 9 c.d. rom set on how to Learn Hebrew. Which you can purchase by clicking HERE or calling our office. In addition you will get a $12.95 rebate check when you send in the enclosed bonus coupon and a proof of purchase of the Learn Hebrew set.

If one has questions and needs technical support, just call our office in:

US/Canada: 732-370-3344;

South Africa: 076 187 1451; or Israel: 03-616-6340


Or email us at: info@shemayisrael.com or go to the www.shemayisrael.com website.

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